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Located at Zunyi city, a noted historical and cultural city in Guizhou province, Zunyi Normal university enjoys over a hundred years’ history of teacher training and patriotic education.

The university is located at the center of the university town in Xinpu New Zone of Zunyi city, with a planned area of 2700 Mu (1.8 km2). There are 1141 faculty members and 799 full-time teachers, in which 145 have doctor's degree, 459 have master's degree and 162 are professors. The university has 18 schools (teaching departments) and 47 undergraduate majors, covering nine disciplines, including arts, science, engineering, management, agriculture and etc. The university recruits students from 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and international students from as far as Russia, Laos, Vietnam and Tanzania. At present, it has 13627 junior and regular university students, 109 international students; 1 special key discipline, 5 provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial key supporting disciplines, 2 provincial master teachers, 3 provincial model programs, 1 provincial experimental teaching model center, 4 provincial excellent courses, 4 innovation S&T innovation talent groups, 2 provincial teaching teams, 2 2011 collaborative innovation centers, 3 provincial special key laboratories, 1 provincial special key engineering center, 1 provincial academician workstation, and 2 study bases of humanities & social sciences in colleges and universities in Guizhou province. Zunyi Normal university was appointed as the demonstration base for red classical arts education by Ministry of Education in 2011; in 2013, the Chinese Communist Party Revolutionary Spirit and Cultural Resources Research Center was approved as a key research base on humanities and social sciences by Ministry of Education. Under the background of increasing employment competition among university students in recent years, the employment rate of Zunyi Normal university has been keeping above 96%.

By "basing itself on local area and providing services to grassroots society", the university has cultivated a large number of middle school and primary school teachers for the local area and high quality talents for the local economy and society. The university is dedicated to becoming a high-level application-oriented and comprehensive university that provides talents, intelligence and technology to local economic and cultural development with its openness, coordination, innovation and excellence.

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