Zunyi Normal College is a college with hundreds of years’ teacher education tradition. 1907 witnessed the birth of Zunyi Primary Normal School under the concept of “training teachers for education”, which laid down the foundation for teacher education of modern Zunyi. Zunyi Normal Specialized School was officially founded in 1958 and upgraded to Zunyi Normal College in 2001.The college successfully passed the college teaching proficiency assessment of the Ministry of Education with good performance in 2007.

Zunyi Normal College has many years’ red revolutionary tradition. When the Red Army passed by Zunyi during the Long March, revolutionists of the older generation such as MaoZedong and Zhu De held the meetings of tens of thousands of people at theoriginal location of the college and the students influenced by the revolutionary thought enthusiastically participated in the revolution. Here once nurtured many revolutionists such as Zhou Lin, Yong Wentao, Han Nianlongand ChenYi. The school also became the spreading center of new ideas and cultures in the north of GuiZhou Province.

With hundreds of years passing by and hundreds of years teaching training, the college develops excellent school spirits and academic atmosphere under the leadership of famous educationist Huang Jisheng and well-known writer Jian Xianai, who served as the principals successively. After hundreds of years’ development, the college has formed the school motto of “making people with virtues and studious for practical purposes”, the school spirits of “abiding by morality and justice,cultivating quality and encouraging study”, the teaching style of “valuing both quality and ability and highlighting both virtue and knowledge”, and the learning style of “devoting to learning and thinking, pursuing knowledge and truth”. Following the duty of “keeping a foot hold in the west and serving the mountainous area”, the college has educated a large number of excellent primary and secondary school teachers who work at the basic level of the western areas,thus winning the reputation of teachers’ cradle in the north of Guizhou.

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